Stratapro Engineering Software To Streamline GRS Design

Strata Systems, Inc., a global manufacturer and distributor of geosynthetic soil stabilization solutions, recently launched the latest version of StrataPro™, an engineering software platform that gives designers the ability to analyze a variety of faced systems on geosynthetically reinforced soil (GRS) structures. Strata says the platform, which is available upon request through its website, will help designers to determine the optimal GRS solutions for their respective clients. “StrataP... read more

Strata Systems, Inc. Transitions For The Future

Strata Systems, Inc., a global manufacturer of geosynthetic soil reinforcement solutions owned by Glen Raven, Inc., will initiate its succession plan at the end of September. The transition will mark the retirement of key members of Strata’s North American leadership team, including Co-Founders, Chip Fuller and Rich Enger, as well as longtime Project Manager, Dave Butchart. Craig Bell, who is currently Northeast Regional Sales Manager, will take over as Strata’s new General Manager. Bell ... read more

Better Temporary Shoring Walls

Shoring is often needed in construction to enable consistent and safe access for trench work, road building, commercial construction in limited space, construction near waterways and other works requiring grade change support. Geogrid-reinforced mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls are not just a proven solution for permanent grade change structures; geogrid reinforcement also enables efficient, economical temporary walls. Each state defines its temporary shoring wall criteria with it... read more

Jobsite Safety and Geosynthetics

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than 6.6 million people work in construction each day. They contribute to the development of more than 250,000 job sites, each of which includes risks to site personnel. Heavy equipment, falls from heights, arc flashing, and trench collapse are some of the many risks construction site workers and planners must guard against. To all the engineers, earth works operators, site laborers, contractors, and others who invest the time in ma... read more

Reservoir Slope and Liner Protection with StrataWeb in India

A Megawatt thermal power plant is under construction near Gandhidham, Gujarat India by OPG Power Ventures. A raw water reservoir was created with a storage capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, to stockpile and ensure constant supply of cooling water. It was lined with 22mil thick geomembrane to render the bottom and side slopes impervious. The geomembrane-lined slopes and bottom required protection from external damage and uplift pressures. Ideally, a reinforced concrete lining is installed above... read more

Geosynthetics International Journal Article on Geocells over Soft Soils

Interesting article in the Geosynthetics International Journal published September 28, 2015 by J. O. Avesani Neto on 'Evaluation of a calculation method for embankments reinforced with geocells over soft soils'. Link: read more

StrataGrid® is Key Element in 63 Foot Wall Construction for Massive Tunnel Expansion.

The East Side Access Tunnel project is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in the United States. The project includes more than 11 miles of tunneling that encompasses work in multiple locations, in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. The vast majority of the project is in an urban setting, making material delivery difficult due to severe space constraints and the scope of the job. In order for this massive undertaking to keep moving forward, a variety of ... read more

The Adaptability Of Geogrid: Heavy Trucks, Complex Interchanges, And Earthquakes

The Carroll Canyon Road Bridge crosses I-805 just twenty miles north of the Mexican/U.S. border of Otay Mesa – California’s busiest commercial border crossing, facilitating 1.4 million truck crossings each year. read more

StrataWall Brings Beauty And Stability To Urban Park

The Challenge The Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center is a 20-acre education, recreation and cultural arts and worship facility that provides an oasis of green space in urban Grand Rapids, Michigan. With both topographical and economic challenges to consider, the center’s managers were seeking a cost-efficient and attractive solution to stabilize grade changes near the outdoor amphitheater. The project area would serve as a backdrop for concerts, ceremonies, outdoor movies and community ... read more

Strata - On The Leading Edge Of Green

Strata is proud to be part of Glen Raven, a company where it is a core mission to recycle, reduce energy consumption, limit the carbon footprint, and protect the environment at every level. Most of Glen Raven’s plants have achieved landfill-free status, recycling or reusing everything from polyester and nylon fibers to packaging and waste products. Even food scraps from the company cafeterias feed local farm animals and wildlife. Strata’s products are used in several “green applications” wh... read more

Strata And Syntex Conquer Mountainside Challenges

Exploration and development company, Continental Gold, established a mining operation in the mountains of Antioquia, Colombia. read more

Sleeve-It Secures Fencing Throughout Urban Park

The Challenge Fencing and railing placed at the top of retaining walls are critical to safety and are required by code in 48 states to prevent people from falling. Railing failures are a common challenge when placed near retaining walls and it can be tough to ensure these safety barriers meet building codes and are secure over time. The Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Grand Rapids, MI needed to ensure the fencing planned along retaining walls throughout its 20-acre campus would b... read more

MSE Berm Provides Vertical Expansion, Reducing Landfill Footprint And Maximizing Capacity

A high-pressure gas line running through a landfill site near Lewiston, NY presented a challenge to the landfill owner, Modern Landfill of Model City, NY. read more

Introducing StrataBase®, Geogrids For Base Reinforcement

StrataBase is ideal for: • Base reinforcement for flexible pavements • Subgrade and foundation improvement: cost effective alternate to undercutting and backfilling • Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities • Haul road stabilization • Airport runways • Construction platforms and embankments over soft soils • Caps for sludge ponds and landfills   Choose StrataBase: • Prevent failure caused by lateral spreading of base material. • Reduce aggregate thickness up to 50% and ... read more

Geosynthetic reinforcement solutions for Lake Tahoe highway

Check out Strata in the latest issue of Geosynthetics magazine. read more

Geogrid Tames Tough Florida Elements For Roadway Expansion

Florida is known for wet weather and soft soils. Not the most ideal conditions for highway construction. Both of these obstacles needed to be overcome during a roadway and bridge expansion on S.R. 415 just north of Sanford, Fla. read more

Even 18-Wheel Trucks Won't Rut This Gravel Thanks To Strata Soil Reinforcement

The Challenge The gravel-surfaced property at Glen Raven Logistics in Altamahaw, NC takes daily abuse from tractor-trailer trucks coming for fuel and maintenance. The heavy loads and turning tires from multi-ton vehicles running over the same pathways each day had created ruts that filled with pooling water and was showing signs of progressive failure. Adding additional aggregate fill in the ruts helped for a short time, but soon the ruts reappeared. How could facility managers create a flat,... read more

Coordination Crucial For Massive Retaining Wall At TN Sam's Club

The Challenge When plans were being made for a new Sam’s Club in Hendersonville, TN, developers were presented with several challenges regarding the retaining wall on the property. First, the wall would reinforce a large area, rising 30 feet high and running nearly a half-mile. Areas behind the wall had a steep three to one slope, access roads for deliveries had to be accommodated, and because it backed up to popular walking/bike path and green area, it had to include safety railings. Plus, t... read more

Stratagrid Manufactured In India Is CE Certified

Strata Geosystems (India) Pvt Ltd announced that 'Stratagrid' is now a 'CE' certified product. The certification was issued by the 'ENTE CERTIFICAZIONE MACCHINE' in Italy for high-tenacity polyester geogrids manufactured by Strata at its plant at Daman, India and allows the product to be sold into the European market. The CE certification ('Conformité Européenne' or 'European Conformity') ensures compliance with health, safety and environment standards established by the European Union's dir... read more

Installing StrataWeb® To Reinforce An Unpaved Shoulder For The Florida DOT

A new video from Strata Systems demonstrates how geocell is used to reinforce an unpaved highway shoulder for the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT). The video, which was shot at the job site, can be viewed below. The installation was completed by CW Roberts Construction on US 331 on the Florida panhandle where soft soils were causing the roadside shoulder to become unstable at a bridge approach. The 8½ foot roadside shoulder was first exc... read more

Strata Geogrid Helps Turn Unusable Land Into Premium Airport Parking In Seattle, WA

Challenge Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, WA has grown to become the 18th busiest airport in the country and the need for convenient parking is a growing concern. To help provide needed parking, one of the area’s leading parking services, MasterPark Inc., sought to turn unusable land near the airport into a valuable $20-per-night parking lot. Five retaining walls up to 33 feet in height reinforced with geogrid were needed to build up the site and create a level and stable area for t... read more