Mar 12, 2012

Installing StrataWeb® To Reinforce An Unpaved Shoulder For The Florida DOT

A new video from Strata Systems demonstrates how geocell is used to reinforce an unpaved highway shoulder for the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT). The video, which was shot at the job site, can be viewed below.

The installation was completed by CW Roberts Construction on US 331 on the Florida panhandle where soft soils were causing the roadside shoulder to become unstable at a bridge approach. The 8½ foot roadside shoulder was first excavated 6 inches, then the subgrade was compacted with a heavy-duty vibration compaction roller. A 6 02/54 non-woven geotextile was laid next, followed by StrataWeb 30, a medium weight geocell with a 4 inch depth. The honeycomb shape of the geocell is one of the strongest structural shapes proven to solve difficult civil engineering problems associated with load support on soft soils. Lastly, #57 stone was spread over the geocell and compacted inside the cells with 2 inches of overfill. By using geocell and stone fill, the Florida DOT provided a safe, load bearing shoulder, without the expense of paving.