Visualize the Best Solution

StrataPro Software is an engineering tool that gives designers the ability to analyze a variety of faced systems to help determine the best solution for their client. It provides a constant “picture” of quick results, showing elevation views of structure and individual section views for analysis. It also allows designers the ability to download elevation and cross sections to ACAD® for final drawing preparation and individual downloads for global slope stability software programs such as ReSSA® and GSLOPE®.

StrataPro also provides accurate material quantities for: face area, reinforcement, and infill and drainage.

Internal compound stability analysis along with static and seismic analyses are some of the design capabilities that StrataPro offers. The program allows easy and quick modifications to wall geometry, as well as reinforcement location, length and type.

The designer can manually input retaining wall details or import from spreadsheet or AWall® files accommodating crest and toe slopes along with interpolates between know stations.

Design Methodologies

The following design methodologies are currently available with StrataPro:

  • NCMA 3rd Edition
  • AASHTO 2010, 2015
  • BS8006-10
  • FHWA NHI 10-024, 025

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