StrataTex HSR

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StrataTex HSR

StrataTex HSR is manufactured using a high-grade polyester yarn with special high tenacity and low creep properties knitted into a stable network.

It is differentiated from other geotextiles by its low elongation, superior stress-strain values, and high permeability performance.

The StrataTex HSR Advantage

StrataTex HSR is a high-performance, flexible polyester geotextile with a wide range of ultimate tensile strengths up to 54,816 lb/ft for uniaxial and 20,556 lb/ft in the biaxial series. Our unique linear knitted fibers allow StrataTex HSR yarns to reach full tensile strength at low elongation with lower creep. It has wider widths (up to 19ft) and customized lengths, reducing overlaps and wastage. StrataTex HSR allows higher water flow due to its excellent permeability characteristic. StrataTex HSR fabric is much more stable during handling because of its knitted yarn construction.

StrataTex HSR can be used in a variety of applications including basal reinforcement for embankments on soft soils, load transfer platform for piled embankments, along with paved and unpaved roads.