StrataTex Textiles


StrataTex can be used for separation and/or filtration purposes. Produced from first quality raw materials, it provides the perfect balance of strength and separation in styles capable of functioning exceptionally well in a wide range of performance requirements. StrataTex is engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable in aggressive soil environments (pH ranges from 2-13).

Depending on the application, StrataTex is available as a nonwoven (ST Series) or woven (SW Series) geotextile. StrataTex- ST Series is a needle-punched nonwoven geotextile made of 100% polypropylene staple fibers, which are formed into a random network for dimensional stability. StrataTex- SW Series geotextile fabrics are woven polypropylene materials offering optimum performance when used in stabilization applications.

StrataTex meets or exceeds all current industry standard specifications.

Product Testing

See StrataTex product comparison chart for additional information.