StrataDrain Textiles

StrataDrain® is composed of high flow, geonet-geotextile drainage composites manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geonet and polypropylene nonwoven fabric bonded to one or both sides. The layers are bonded together with a fusion bond, which makes them highly resistant to layer separation, ensures excellent hydraulic performance, and minimizes the potential for failure planes caused by the fabric portion of the composite sliding on the drainage core.

StrataDrain is engineered to be mechanically and chemically durable, in the harsh construction installation phase and with aggressive soil (pH range from 2-10) or aqueous environments. It provides excellent lateral transmissivity for the spread of water or other fluids within the plane of the drain. Because of these properties, StrataDrain is used primarily as a sheet interceptor drain behind retaining walls or an internal interceptor drain for reinforced steep slopes.

Technical Information

In order to provide the most efficient design possible, StrataDrain is produced in multiple series. Learn more about each series below:

For more technical information, see our product data sheets for StrataDrain 4oz and StrataDrain 6oz.