Highway Infrastructure

Strata Systems offers full solutions to the highway infrastructure market. We deliver design solutions as well as supply the necessary products to the transportation contractor for both temporary and permanent geosynthetic reinforced structures.

Temporary Structures

As permanent highway infrastructure is built and improved, temporary roads are needed to allow traffic to flow. Strata provides geosynthetics for Load Transfer Platforms and Column Supported Embankments for these temporary roads.

We can also provide the materials needed to develop temporary access roads and crane pads on soft foundations to ensure stabilized temporary structures.

GRS-IBS Bridges

As bridges in the United States age, many infrastructure projects have been taking place. The Federal Highway Administration recommends the Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Integrated Bridge System (IBS) technology for upgrades of bridges. Using our StrataGrid, StrataTex, StrataSlope and StrataWall products, Strata provides many geosynthetics solutions for this bridge technology.

Products Used