Landfill Construction

Strata Systems offers a wide range of products that are used in landfill construction sites for site perimeter haul roads, reinforced steep slopes, retaining walls and other structures. Strata’s structural geogrids allow you to build over the weakest subsoils from dredge spoil and swamps to saturated clay with MSE berms, veneer stability and landfill caps.

MSE berms

Strata Systems designs and supplies Mechanically-Stabilized Earth (MSE) berms. MSE berms utilize geogrid materials and soil, as well as many facing options, to create grade separations that allow for landfill facilities to expand vertically as the need for landfills increase and land space is not available.

Veneer stability

Strata Systems also provides veneer stability geosythetics for liner support in landfills. Oftentimes, soil alone is not stable enough to withstand the weight of a veneer cover, and Strata products can provide the stability necessary to ensure a solid foundation.

Landfill Caps

Landfill cap systems include a geosythetic layer that prevents too much moisture from embedding in the landfill. Strata provides this crucial layer in landfill development.

Products Used