Aug 20, 2015

Strata - On The Leading Edge Of Green

Strata is proud to be part of Glen Raven, a company where it is a core mission to recycle, reduce energy consumption, limit the carbon footprint, and protect the environment at every level.

Most of Glen Raven’s plants have achieved landfill-free status, recycling or reusing everything from polyester and nylon fibers to packaging and waste products. Even food scraps from the company cafeterias feed local farm animals and wildlife.

Strata’s products are used in several “green applications” which contributes to the environment. StrataWeb reduces the amount of aggregate needed beneath roadways, StrataSlope provides for vegetated reinforced steep slopes, and the design of Stratagrid as a method of steepening side slopes can reduce excavation and hauling requirements. Stratagrid is also being used in vegetated rooftops for buildings and several erosion control products as high-strength substrates with other products.

Strata has also achieved ISO certification and the European CE Mark, in both their U.S. and India manufacturing plants. These globally recognized quality control achievements help further define Strata’s mission to enhance the environment.