Aug 10, 2017

Stratapro Engineering Software To Streamline GRS Design

Strata Systems, Inc., a global manufacturer and distributor of geosynthetic soil stabilization solutions, recently launched the latest version of StrataPro™, an engineering software platform that gives designers the ability to analyze a variety of faced systems on geosynthetically reinforced soil (GRS) structures. Strata says the platform, which is available upon request through its website, will help designers to determine the optimal GRS solutions for their respective clients.

“StrataPro is just the latest example of Strata’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that will advance the entire geosynthetics ecosystem. We are proud of this technology, and the value it will bring to our partners in the design community.”

– Craig Bell, GM of Strata Systems, Inc. (North America)

StrataPro provides elevation and section views of GRS structures, and allows designers to quickly and easily modify design characteristics such as wall type, geometry, and reinforcement location. The tool produces results in real-time, ensuring accurate material quantity estimates for face area, infill, reinforcement, and drainage. StrataPro facilitates internal compound stability, static, and seismic analyses. Users can manually input data or import existing files from Microsoft Excel® and AWall®. StrataPro is interoperable with ACAD®, as well as slope stability platforms ReSSA® and GSLOPE®.

The software integrates important industry design methodologies such as NCMA (Third Edition), AASHTO 2010 and 2015, BS8006-10, as well as FHWA-NHI 10-024 and 10-025.