Aug 20, 2015

Introducing StrataBase®, Geogrids For Base Reinforcement

Plainwell LF Paper Mill Sludge Cap Eau Claire WI -051020 015StrataBase is ideal for:
• Base reinforcement for flexible pavements
• Subgrade and foundation improvement: cost effective alternate to undercutting and backfilling
• Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities
• Haul road stabilization
• Airport runways
• Construction platforms and embankments over soft soils
• Caps for sludge ponds and landfills


Choose StrataBase:
• Prevent failure caused by lateral spreading of base material.
• Reduce aggregate thickness up to 50% and improve structural performance and pavement life.
• Strata continues a long tradition providing the best in geogrid products with a strict Quality Control / Quality Assurance program.