Feb 21, 2017

Better Temporary Shoring Walls

Shoring is often needed in construction to enable consistent and safe access for trench work, road building, commercial construction in limited space, construction near waterways and other works requiring grade change support. Geogrid-reinforced mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls are not just a proven solution for permanent grade change structures; geogrid reinforcement also enables efficient, economical temporary walls.

Each state defines its temporary shoring wall criteria with its particular soils and performance needs in mind. No matter the region for work, geogrid-reinfored designs enable walls to use more local material, disturb less land, and maximize the use of space (e.g., support near-vertical walls) through the innovative use welded wire mesh facings along with geogrid and geotextile to reinforce and contain soils.

These systems are economical and quick to construct, as they utilize layered construction and geosynthetic reinforcement that is engineered for performance in a wide variety of soil types. Temporary geogrid walls can deliver significant shoring stability over years—which is precisely what many states require in “short-term” design lives (e.g., 3-year designs).

Just because a wall is specified as temporary does not mean you should have to worry about how long it will last. Geosynthetic support provides protection against construction that is delayed by seasonal changes and other common interruptions in construction.

Strata Systems offers a number of wall heights and slope angle solutions through the StrataWall system. Strata also offers design support, detailed bids, engineered construction drawings, submittals, and onsite consultation to ensure that your temporary shoring needs are met with full confidence and efficient construction—on time and budget.

StrataWall is secured by StrataGrid®, a high-performance soil reinforcement product made with polyester yarns that have a high molecular weight and extraordinary tensile strength. The resulting dimensional stability provided by Strata’s geogrid-manufacturing process delivers tensile reinforcement to the soil in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Additionally, StrataGrid is coated to provide enhanced chemical and mechanical benefits that preserve its durability in any environment.