Build it Right. Build it with Sleeve-It.

Sleeve-It® SD-1 is a pre-engineered fence post anchoring solution for enhancing below-grade foundational stability in fences placed on top of a segmental retaining wall (SRW). Because of its cantilevered form and other properties, using Sleeve-It during the SRW build permits a code-compliant fence to be constructed eliminating the 36” offset requirements of IBC 1015.2.

Sleeve-It by Strata

Installation Guidelines:

Sleeve-It Installation


Sleeve-It Brochure

Sleeve-It components

Unitary Design

  • Weight = 7 pounds
  • Height = 23.4 inches
  • Width = 15.3 inches
  • Depth = 30.6 inches
How Sleeve-It Works

How Sleeve-It Works

The face of a Segmental Retaining Wall consists of dry stacked, mortarless concrete units. These units cannot resist an overturning moment generated when a load is applied to a fence post. The Sleeve-It System uses a traditional cantilever design to engage the overlying soil mass, thereby providing resistance to the fence load.

How to Install Sleeve-It

Simple Construction:

1: Install the cantilevered Sleeve-It units near the elevation of the top of the wall

2: Fill and compact soil to the top of the sleeve

3: Leave the disposable lid on the sleeve until the fence installer places the fence post in the sleeve and fills with concrete

4: The fencing contractor finished the fence, supported by the buried Sleeve-It System