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StrataBase® Geogrid For Base Reinforcement

The Base Geogrid You Know, Now Available from Strata

StrataBase® is a rigid biaxial geogrid that provides structural reinforcement for paved and unpaved roads through superior stiffness, aperture stability and interlock capabilities.

Sinking Truck

Mesh Placement

Dirt Placement

StrataBase is ideal for:
Base reinforcement for flexible pavements
Subgrade and foundation improvement: cost effective alternate to undercutting and backfilling
Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities
Haul road stabilization
Airport runways
Construction platforms and embankments over soft soils
Caps for sludge ponds and landfills


Prevent failure caused by lateral spreading of base material.
Reduce aggregate thickness up to 50% and improve structural performance and pavement life.
Strata continues a long tradition providing the best in geogrid products with a strict Quality Control / Quality Assurance program.

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